Mixed green baby leaf salad with grapes, pine nuts & balsamic dressing (V) (GF)
Chunky apple & celery salad with mayo, grapes & pecan nuts (V) (GF)
Traditional caesar salad with bacon, shaved parmesan & croutons
Baby potatoes with crispy bacon, fresh herbs & mayo (GF)
Fruity couscous salad with apricots, raisins & fresh chopped mint (V)
Freshly grated carrot & beetroot salad with toasted cumin, fresh parsley & light dressing (V) (GF)
Pasta salad with basil pesto, pine nuts, baby spinach & shaved parmesan (V)
Chickpea & roast pepper salad (V) (GF)
Broccoli with feta, ripe cherry tomatoes & light vinaigrette (V) (GF)
Asian noodles with crunchy vegetables, ginger, toasted sesame seeds & chilli dressing (V)
Green bean salad, with chorizo, feta, parmesan & balsamic dressing (GF)
Honeyed spelt with butternut squash and feta (V)
Colourful mixed bean salad (V) (GF)
Superfood duo grain salad (V)
Caprese salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil & pesto dressing (V) (GF)


all prices ex. VAT